Challenges in existing buildings – School of Fishing in Lanzarote

Once again FLINT is chosen in public spaces where the challenge of existing buildings is part of the exhausted analysis for the choice of the most suitable material.


The Maritime-Fisheries Professional Training Institute of the Canary Islands is one of the great institutions of Arrecife. The “School of Fishing” as it is known on the island of Lanzarote, is an emblematic building of the 60s, with all deserving, since it is part of the most outstanding architecture of the second half of the twentieth century in Lanzarote.

SAL Arquitectura: “It is a challenge when the intervention to be carried out is in an existing building and not in a project that is born from scratch, the analysis must be much more exhaustive and the choice of materials much more rigorous”.



SAL Arquitectura, is contracted to reform the auditorium, where after a previous assessment of the spatial quality that is to be highlighted in the room, both the elegant structure of the bars and the materials exist in vertical walls; decides to remove the existing pavement due to its deterioration due to wear and tear, giving way to the incorporation of new materials that make the space more enriching, not only for technical qualities, but also for the quality and finishes, for which the FLINT pavement was chosen.

Given the tones that characterize the walls of the room, towards a line of grayish-brown tones, it is decided to choose a floor that homogenizes the 270m² that make up the room, and bring into harmony the concept of contendora box, which will illuminate the content Of the same. Glimmer Oak 212-P/T, it turned out to be the winning candidate.

From the FLINT team we thank Helga and Montse Garcés, confounders of the SAL Arquitectura studio for the election and the excellent work in this new project.

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SAL Arquitectura They are located in the city of Arrecife [Lanzarote].

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