La Sureña (100 Montaditos) includes FLINT in its aesthetic

The authentic South. Thus the concept and the key to the success of Cervecería La Sureña franchise of the Restalia Group can be defined. It was understood as a completely innovative form of consumption that revolutionized the sector. Since 2010 La Sureña as a franchise caused a great boom among consumers and entrepreneurs because of its brand image. Currently, it has consolidated in the Spanish territory with more than 100 open stores, and is one of the brands with the best reputation and consideration on the part of entrepreneurs when thinking about opening their own business.


In a calm, relaxed, but fun and full of life environment that transports the client and makes him live the true spirit of the South, his clients can enjoy the best cuisine of the South offered in rations and accompanied by brass cubes, in which, They find beer bottles.




The premises of La Sureña have an unmistakable aesthetic. There are two parts: a first in which orders are made and drinks are given and, a second, in which they are collected. The franchises are decorated with the colors blue and white, transmitting that style of a local in the South. Today in La Sureña or well known as 100 Montaditos bet on FLINT in the renovation of its floors in one of the franchises of Madrid. FLINT HI-FLOOR for a place of high traffic and wear in the reference Argent ELM – 301, combination of the warm design with all the aesthetics and style of the premises.


La Sureña Awards as a franchise

The awards that endorse the brand as one of the best franchises that currently exist in the Spanish landscape.

– National Marketing Award to 100 Montaditos for the marketing strategy in internationalization LATAM by the National Marketing Agency.2013 – El Premio a las 100 Mejores Ideas de Actualidad Económica.

– 2014 – Hot Concept Award in the category of “Fast Service Restoration”.


To live without sharing is to live halfway.” As a slogan of La Sureña, that is why the rations and cubes offered in this franchise have been designed to share.