FLINT with Retail & Hospitality in the United Arab Emirates

Through The Product Solutions, For today’s Hospitality based in Abu Dhabi, FLINT FLOOR opens the way to the Middle East and provides laminated flooring HI-FLOOR to the Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi.



FLINT FLOOR company of coating and laminates compact for floors and walls, as part of its export, recently installed their floors HI-FLOOR in one of the boutiques of the Hotel Boutique 5 * Andaz Abu Dhabi belonging to the hotel chain Hyatt Andaz Abu Dhabi.

From the Living Floor by FLINT collection, the GLIMMER AOK 212 reference has been installed in textured quality throughout the retail shop, the design that gives it personalization with the architectural concept of the hotel and at the same time durability in the face of the high traffic of people in the country.


With this new project in Hospitality and Retail, FLINT FLOOR opens doors in the United Arab Emirates and expands its exports in countries of Africa, Central America and Europe.