FLINT always thought about the continuity of the floor for your home

“In recent years the trend is an integral solution on the entire floor, the same aesthetic for all rooms of the house.”

We know how important the soil is in our house. The first thing you see when you enter, what most transmits according to the decorative. That is why, in FLINT we have always thought about the continuity of the floors, the decorative line that we like to maintain from the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.

FLINT HI- FLOOR, is the most resistant laminate for wet areas, 100% waterproof, waterproof and totally resistant to water, impact and wear. In fact, it maintains its original appearance even in extreme situations and in areas where other pavements of the market can not be used with guarantees. The HPB (High Pressure Block) technology guarantees maximum dimensional stability, avoiding swelling and deformation when exposed to water or leaks.

In the images you can see one of our decorative GLIMMER OAK for the residential sector. Private house in Barcelona where FLINT is installed on the entire surface of the house, giving the space the most welcoming and modern style.

For this apartment 80 m2 of our reference GLIMMER OAK – No. 212 of the FLINT LIVING FLOOR Collection were installed.