SPARK OAK for the new rooms of the CRAM Hotel in Barcelona

Hotel CRAM Barcelona chooses FLINT HI-FLOOR in the reform of its rooms and maintains the continuity of the floor to the bathroom


One of the central hotels of Barcelona is the Cram Hotel, characterized by its avant-garde design, architecture, gastronomy and its young professional team.


From the room to the bathroom you can appreciate the continuity of its floors. Hotel Cram chooses the SPARK OAK by FLINT reference in textured quality. Reference that confers and maintains its current avant-garde design to each of its rooms. There are 12 rooms between the 6th and 7th floors, as well as the corridors of the building, which are already equipped with FLINT HI-FLOOR. For its resistance to traffic, anti scratch, easy cleaning and the important characteristic 100% waterproof and watertight in the bathrooms.

In the images we can see the clean work in the union of slats, skirting boards, cuts and profiles of the steps.

Once again the hotel sector has FLINT as reference for its continuous applications.