Panels CLB - Flint Floor

Panels CLB


FLINT PANELS are suitable for wall cladding, they allow cutting and machining to adapt to their geometry.

Thanks to the freedom of large-format pieces, you can protect the walls of bathrooms, showers and kitchens, installing them by gluing them on the vertical plane.

The CLB panels come originally in large format and can be cut to size as if it were a wood.



CLB Compact Light Board    100% waterproof

The CLB PANELS are completely waterproof and 100% Waterproof, which allows them to be installed on the walls of spaces where there is direct contact with water, splashes, …, and where a continuous cleaning is necessary as in bathrooms and kitchens .

They incorporate a synthetic central body on which adheres two layers of laminated HPL (High Pressure Laminate), forming a compact symmetrical, light and resistant materail, which can be glued directly on vertical planes.



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