HOSTELCO 2018: New airs in hospitality interior design: in search of functionality

What takes in furniture and decoration in the hotel industry? While interior design acquires a more relevant role in the customer experience, manufacturers surprise with proposals of careful design that harbor large doses of technique and functionality. The maximum? Comfortable and pleasant for the client; functional and long-lasting for the bar, the hotel and the restaurant. Here is a small selection of new products, many of which we can see in Hostelco 2018.


Floors and walls of the same color or texture (even in the bathroom)


Good part of the novelties in hotel decoration come from the hand of new materials. Flint Floor, a national manufacturer that produces high strength laminate flooring, presents its latest development in synthetic ceramics: Flintiles. They are panels or panels that offer a high protection against impact, wear and fire, and allow the continuity of the floor in all rooms: room, hallways, lounges … even in the spa or in the bathroom itself, where The shower tray can be integrated into floors and walls with the same color or texture. In this way the space continues without any barrier or height difference. 100% waterproof and watertight, with high fireproof, anti-impact and anti-scratch properties, these boards, available in different finishes, can also be applied to furniture, table tops, headboards, walls, ceilings or kitchen countertops.


Post by Marta Renovales