Health, sport and FLINT

At the Valmojado Fitness Sports Center they have developed their new idea of mixing Sports and Health. To realize this idea and to condition its sports facilities, they have had FLINT floors.



In the different areas of the center, whether they are for toning, getting resistance or increasing muscle mass, they are already equipped with the best pavement, fully capable of withstanding heavy traffic, as well as resistance to weight and humidity.

We emphasize that in the spinning zone, where the constant movement and weight of the bicycles require a floor very resistant to all this daily wear. In it they have chosen the reference Loft Cement.

And as complete ideal in two areas as demanding as the reception and changing rooms of this sports center choose the reference Wiry Ash a laminate that gives it that naturalness without losing of course, the most important qualities: The great resistant to daily and constant traffic of its customers, as well as the humidity in the locker room area.

So if you are thinking of sport and health in the Valmojado area, the Valmojado Fitness Sports Center puts at your disposal 2,000 square meters fully equipped with the best FLINT pavement, technology and ideal facilities to make the practice of sport a privilege .

And since sports will always be linked to health, put your body and mind in shape!